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31/03/2013 16:06


The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz;, an institution affiliated to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, is building the Center for Technological Development in Health (CDTS for its acronym from Portuguese). Following its inauguration in 2014, the buildings of the CDTS will host technological platforms, animal experimentation and flexible laboratories in 20,000 m2 of state of the art facilities. The CDTS will provide the necessary infrastructure to fully implement the spirit of the Brazilian 2004 Law on Innovation, which encourages partnerships between public and private sectors. Fiocruz has mandated the CDTS to establish and work in collaboration with other centers of scientific excellence for the joint development of health products against diseases that are of epidemiological or economic importance to Brazil, especially neglected tropical diseases.

To mobilize and strengthen the human resources needed, Fiocruz and CAPES (an agency of the Ministry of Education) have dedicated the following fellowships for PhD's to collaborate with the CDTS. In the long term the program aims to establish sustained partnerships between Fiocruz and other leading institutions, both public and private.

Post-doctoral Program
Open to Brazilian candidates who have completed their PhD/DSc work and are willing to perform post-doctoral training at public or private institutions in Brazil or abroad with a commitment to join a CDTS project upon the completion of the program.
RD-BR: up to 20 (twenty) Post-doctoral Fellowships to train young Brazilian scientists in public or private R&D centers of excellence in Brazil (maximum 48 months);
PD: up to 10 (ten) Post-doctoral Fellowships to train young Brazilian scientists at institutions abroad (maximum 12 months).
Visiting Professor Program
pen to scientists and technology management professionals at PhD/DSc or equivalent level, from institutions of public or private sectors, with proven experience and outstanding achievement. Citizens from countries that maintain a diplomatic relationship with Brazil are eligible. The program is available for stays lasting from one week to one year and can be renewed. The work will be conducted at Fiocruz. Stipends will be determined based on experience.
PD-ES: up to 10 (ten) Visiting Professor Fellowships to support senior Brazilian scientists to conduct research abroad (maximum 18 months);
PVE: up to 10 (ten) Visiting Professor Fellowships to support foreign professionals for collaboration on projects within the CDTS and to participate in Fiocruz graduate programs (maximum 48 months);
PVNS: up to 10 (ten) Visiting Senior Professor Fellowships to support senior Brazilian scientists to collaborate on projects within the CDTS and to participate in Fiocruz graduate programs (maximum 48 months).
Skills areas:

Research and Development: Structure and function of macromolecules (genomics, proteomics, glycomics, computational biology, bioinformatics) and small molecules (lipidomics, metabolomics); Disease-associated biological networks; Expression systems and fermentation (bacteria, yeast, mammalian, plant); Development of animal models (transgenics and knock-out/in); Bioprospecting and drug discovery; Nanotechnology; Biostatistics; Prevention/control of infectious diseases;
Technology Development: Molecular biomarker discovery and production: synthesis of peptides & DNA; Aptamer design; Production and purification of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins; Pre-clinical studies including toxicology; Clinical pharmacology; High content screening; Bioassays; Libraries of chemicals and biologicals; Drug design, in silico modeling; Chemistry/Biology, Manufacturing and Control (CMC/BMC); Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); Animal experimentation; Biosafety facilities
Technology Management: Intellectual property rights and patent landscape; Regulatory affairs - liaison with Regulatory Authorities, development of Drug Master Files (DMF), compilation and submission of dossiers (IND or NDA); Technology transfer;
Business Development: Pipeline strategy and portfolio management; Business planning; Partnership strategy; Negotiation of public-private alliances and partnerships; Management of established alliances and partnerships; Fund raising; Health technology assessment and economic evaluation in health;
Capacity building: multidisciplinary cross-cutting capacity strengthening for R&D, technology development, technology management and business development (for individuals, institutions and networks), built on national and international partnerships with industries, PDPs, regulatory agencies and global health initiatives for disease control; including risk management, knowledge management, research ethics, clinical development, product delivery and implementation research.
Selection criteria:

Priority will be given to eligible candidates who can prove:

  • Strong support for their applications from the institution where the Post-doctoral stay will be performed or where the Visiting Professor is affiliated, including willingness to engage in long-term collaboration with Fiocruz after the training or visiting period;
  • Relevance of the training or R&D activities to Fiocruz objectives and goals;
  • Previous experience pertinent to the CDTS project and its long-term goals.
  • Candidates will be selected by a six-member expert panel nominated by Fiocruz and CAPES.
  • The program will run until 2016.

For further information or to express interest, contact: Center for Technological Development in Health (CDTS)
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) - Ministry of Health of Brazil - Campus de Manguinhos - Av. Brasil 4.365 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ -
CEP 21.040-900 - Brazil - E-mail: (with copy to